You’re hearing it here first, folks!

Ashley is fasting. A spending fast, that is (no food fasts.. I get too grumpy when I don’t eat). Will you join me? Starting today thru February, I will not spend one extra penny that does not go toward a “need”. No eating out, no extra spending on my hobbies, no clothes, etc. Just basic […]

Woo Hoo!!

Check the expiration date on your passport (don’t ask why I’m suggesting this. Believe me, it wasn’t a pleasant surprise to find out a child’s passport had expired the weekend before an international flight). I’ve been thinking about you all day, and I’m just so happy for you. Incidentally, one of my long time girlfriends […]

Actually, I already *have* a passport

Not that it has been used except to go to Canada.. I had gotten a voice mail from her, saying she wanted to talk to me. I’m thinking, “Uh oh…” But I just got off the phone with her. She wanted to make sure I knew that the position wouldn’t be at the location where […]