You’re hearing it here first, folks!

Ashley is fasting. A spending fast, that is (no food fasts.. I get too grumpy when I don’t eat). Will you join me? Starting today thru February, I will not spend one extra penny that does not go toward a “need”. No eating out, no extra spending on my hobbies, no clothes, etc. Just basic groceries, gas for the car and my bills.

I want to try it for a month now and see how it goes. Right now, I have $316.95 in my “blow money” account, with $20/week going into it. So I should be able to bump that up to almost $400 by the end of Feb.

For me, I don’t think it will be that difficult. I almost always take my lunch to work and when I do buy clothes, it’s always from a thrift store. The worst part is that we always eat out on Saturdays and it’s always around $30. If I could bank that… ohhh… that could be an additional $120 next month!

I’ll let my husband do the grocery shopping.. he’s very good at sticking to a list, whereas, I like to browse each aisle!

I need accountability, so I’ll be posting my progress! If you want to join me, that’d be super, but understandable if you laugh instead!!!! 🙂