Yes, it will!

I received more good news today. We have 2 furniture bills coming up in June and July and I really wanted to pay those off as they are finance free. Well, I will be receiving a big check for tutoring at our school and will only need about $240 more to pay the first one. I’ll just need to work on the second one. That’s a relief! Dh and I will continue to work on becoming current. It looks like we will manage that by the middle to end of June. Then, the extra pay at the end of June will be for the second furniture bill. We will still need about $1050 to finish that one out. I think I can manage that between e-bay and cake orders. I still hope to teach summer school in June, which will yield around $1200.

We are just being so blessed with many opportunities to drag ourselves out of this hole we’ve dug. God is amazing! I know that, but sometimes I have little faith, and for that I am ashamed!