There was a story on Google about

how new cars were becoming harder to afford for many Americans. The gist of the story was that the payments were so high now that people couldn’t fit it in their budgets. So I had to post a comment:
“What’s wrong with saving up and paying cash? You’ll spend MUCH less that way than if you financed the thing…”

Which prompted a reply from someone else: “If someone would give you $30K for under 4% interest you’d be stupid to use your own money. You make more than that in the market.. It’s free money today.. Heck I even took out a mortgage on my house!! Free Money!!”

After marveling at that mindset (I guess I’ve officially become “weird”, I just sent this reply: “Paying cash instead of financing for 4% is guaranteed money. Speculating in the stock market ISN’T. I’ll stick with paying cash, thank you. :-)”

I dunno – even after SO many people run into problems with credit cards, loans, etc. – there are still those ready to run headlong into the storm. I don’t know whether to be amazed or saddened…