Thanks for that David

I really agonized over whether to use ING or not, given their recent acquisition by Capital One. But yea, I need to make that money harder to get to. It was just TOO easy to transfer “just a little” over from that account into checking. It was the same fundamental behavior as using the cc “just a little” to cover some shortage. By having it, but not having it easily accessible, I’ll have to sharpen my planning and budgeting skills and get out of that habit once and for all.

I guess I have another big announcement. Some of you will recall that for most of our marriage, VB and I have kept our finances separate. Even after VB, we kept a lot of things things separate even as we started to plan things out together. It was one part functional, because of how the farm is set up, Steve’s job being the main breadwinner at the moment, and how we have the utilities set up in my name. But it was also habit, which we’re always reluctant to change. Worse, the thought of truly combining our finances really pushed hard on negative experiences we’d both had during previous relationships. We’ve been talking about how it would really make more sense to combine everything so that we have a better handle on our earning and spending. So this week we’ll be working on combining our parallel-but-didn’t-talk-well-with-each-other budgets. Then this coming weekend, we put the two budgets together into one unified zero-based budget for February. Given the farm biz, it’s going to be a fairly tangled process, but we’re strongly motivated to build on the improvements we made during 2015, and keep that train a-rolling during 2015. So, here’s to one master budget. Or at least our first best try at one.