Roberta, It sounds as if you’ve just sort of stumbled across Wallace’s program

A really great motivator for you would be to listen to Wallace’s radio program online. It’s free and you can listen to all 3 hours of his program absolutely free. Go to his website and click on listen to Wallace, and then go to his archives. I think this will help you get on the right track listening to other callers and their problems and Wallace’s answers to their concerns. You can also learn all kinds of great things about his program just from his website (such as the babysteps and learning to just take care of the 4 walls and letting everything else slide until you start taking care of the necessities). Another suggestion might be that you let your (miserly) sister do you and your mom’s shopping. It sounds as if you gave her your lists, she wouldn’t spend your funds (which will be cash now, of course!) on anything but what’s on your list and you’ll be able to resist the temptation of shopping for crap you don’t need. Lastly, there’s a book by a family called the Economides or something like that and they do really basic things such as buy a 2 liter of soda at the store and then get cups of ice and drink their sodas that way. I honestly haven’t read it because I know it’s a pretty basic “how to” book, but if you go to Amazon, check them out, read the reviews and then go to the library you should be able to glean some extra info. Someone suggested to you visiting the library is like shopping, only for free. I’m in complete agreement. Use that as a substitution for your shopping trips for entertainment. Lastly, I bet the librarian could turn you on to some good frugal living books to continue to keep you motivated. Mary Hart (the author), and the Tightwad Gazette series would all be good places to get you started.

Good luck and congratulations on starting to cut even more of those corners; you’re on your way to success!