No laughing from me..

My spending of late has been over the top. I’m not happy to say that I’ve wasted money (nothing to show for it at the end of the day). The things I’ve purchased I’ve not regretted the experiences, but really looking back, I could have kept the money. I need to reign myself in so I will go on this fast with you.

To that point, Amazon has become my friend, I’ve made money recently on Amazon trading in my cell phones for Amazon gift cards which have applied to my account. I had an HTC Inspire – traded it for a 48.75 gift card. I had an iPhone 3gs 32GB which I’m hoping will bring in 79.00. I am most surprised at the trade in for an iphone several model years old. I have the original box and in it was my original receipt where I paid 1 dollar for it brand new on the day it was released, so a 78.00 profit is a total score for me!

My other problem is that I’m either ready to move or completely redo my home…. eek. Yeah, I just need to put the brakes on and stop!
I’m in!