New info I received on another list–SWA loves customer’s of size

I thought I’d share this post that showed up on the Disney list I’m on this afternoon for those of you who fly even occasionally and may have been hit with a second seat charge due to the smallness of the airline seats. While we’ve never had to get a second seat dh has had to ask for a seatbelt extender more than once. Which he was given for free to use.
This post was not written by me, and is merely info I’m sending on.
“I fly Southwest a lot and thought I would pass this along in case it would be of help for any of you. Southwest has recently updated their ‘Customer of Size’ policy. You can purchase a 2nd seat and call in later for a refund of the ticket (after the flight) or – now – you can just buy the one ticket and when you get to the gate you can ask for a 2nd seat accommodation (at no cost) since you feel you may be a ‘customer of size’.
Either way, you get authorization to pre-board (after those in wheelchairs or minors flying alone, before all others so that you can comfortably get to 2 or 3 seats together). Southwest is really going out of their way to make customers of size feel welcome *and* ensure that their neighbors don’t feel pressed upon. I didn’t realize you could call in to request the refund for the 2nd seats so after the flight ops manager informed me of this, I called in to ask and was told “certainly”. They refunded me for SEVEN flights I’ve taken since LAST JUNE. I’ll be credited (back to my credit card) for about $1500.00. What a nice surprise! Southwest and Disney may be the best customer service experiences out there now!! “