Mary, With absolute conviction

I will tell you the most important part of our journey has been using ING and its subaccounts. We contribute weekly to 12 different subaccounts, and try to kick money into a number of others when we have a surplus of monies. Having the funds autodrafted out of our checking account a few days after they are deposited (just in case there is ever a glitch and our paychecks are not automatically deposited for some reason)has allowed us to build up nice subaccounts for when we actually need the money to pay specific bills or to cover emergencies. I think you’ll be very happy with your decision to use them for your savings, and will soon decide to branch out and add other subaccounts for future needs. The beauty is that once it’s gone, it’s not really gone. You simply can’t get your fingers on the money right away, and that has been key in our being accountable for our earnings and savings and not giving our selves a chance to blow what we make.