It must be spring

because both here in my own home and as a topic of discussion on all the lists many of us are cleaning out and organizing our pantries—dh is currently building me can rotators for my upstairs pantry and I am THRILLED to say the least. I’ve emptied the pantry and am anxiously waiting for the installation of the can rotators that will hopefully end the cluttered spot we laughingly call the pantry.
I have always wanted my food storage to be well organized, and inventoried so I’m not buying too many of one thing and not enough as another. I am a list maker, a coupon user, and a menu planner and a mainly scratch cook. But am often frustrated by one or the other of those. Which of course leads to waste of groceries and that of course means a waste of cash. I recently complained to dh there had to be an all in one program that would help me be more organized on this.
Being the electronics junkie dh is he went on a search mission and found an ap for my android phone. It’s called Grocery Tracker. I am in LOVE! This thing does everything but fly, it of course has a couple of cons to it, but they are so minor I can definitely live with them. Especially since it’s a free ap!
Anyway, I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and decided to write a review about it. I am in no way affiliated with Grocery tracker or its developers. If this sounds like something that might help simplify your life not only for groceries, but for anything you purchase on a regular basis you can read my review at the link below.