I just figured it out and regardless of whether

I get anymore help then mom’s 50 on the light bill, i’ll be out of loans by November. One a month every month between now and then but this month and next month i’ll have to borrow a little. This will allow me to get out of the big one in September, the next big one in October and the little one in November. I’ll hvae to borrow what I can’t get help paying on the light and phone bills this month and a little more next month but that’s it. NO MORE.
I know it’s not the way you were telling me but i’m determined to do this anyway I can without going to jail. Not a good place to be, trust me. It’ll be soo darn good to walk out of that place without taking a loan because that’s the one with the highest payback and interest. The other place is much cheaper so there’s less to give back in the long run saving me money. All yardsale profits go toward the big loan.
In september i’m gonna work out a deal with the phone company to get caught up on my bill so my bill won’t be over a hundred. I’m gonna tell them I can pay 75 a month ’til it’s paid off. I’m considering going on levelized billing on the electric too to see if it’ll save me any money or paying it off every month is better.
Between now and November, we’re gonna be eating a lot of beans, ric and pasta dishes but I don’t care. Think of all the weight i’m gonna lose!!! No more eating out unless mom buys and packing food to eat when we have to spend a lot of time in town as well as drinks. Paying nearly 1.50 per coke is crazy. I can buy a 2 liter for .65 and have saved up some 20 ounce bottles for that, water or something else I have at home. I taped all three month’s budgets to the table where i can see it everyday and all day while at the pc. ANd mom will see them too.
Oh, i’m really good someone suggested to get one of Kenneth’s books at the library because i’m enjoying reading it! Can’t remember who it was but Thank you! For the first time in a really long time, i’m actually excited and looking forward to writing down every dime I spend and what I spent it on. I’m gonna start with this month, bad or not.