I have good news to share! :0)

Hubby has accepted a job offer and we’re moving. Yes, that’s a good thing. We’re currently in a suburb of Seattle, Washington while all of our friends and family are in West Texas/Eastern New Mexico. Hubby’s new job is with Southwest Airlines in Dallas! YAY!!! We’re going home!!!
They’ve offered a very attractive package to get us down there – like we would have said no anyway. LOL They’re hiring movers to pack and move us, putting us up in a condo for 60 days until we find a house and giving us a moving allowance. Once we get down there, hubby’s salary is going to be quite a bit more than he’s making here (almost $20,000!!!!). Plus, cost of living is much cheaper there. We’ll be way ahead of where we are now.
We sold our home here last year for various reasons. Our debt is very low – some small medical bills that will be gone this month, my car (pre-DR stupidity), a small student load (another pre-DR stupidity) and bills for installment loans (long term) from Extloans lender. Our plan is to buy a house down there and get everything else paid off ASAP. We’ve been looking at houses and found one that we really like on-line. We’re going to make a trip down there in a couple weeks to look at several in person. All the ones we’re interested in would be about half the monthly payment we currently shell out for rent. We’re thinking we can do a 15 year mortgage and have it paid off in 7 to 10 years.
Sorry I’m babbling. We’re just very excited about all this. We left Texas ten years ago (three years in Ohio, seven years in Seattle). It’s time to go home. The plan right now is for us to move mid-Feb. I’m ready to go now!