Good news!

Dh got a job at Tractor Supply today. He did his drug test and she’ll call him in a day or two to get him on the schedule. He is going to work part-time, but we’re not sure of hours or pay yet until he talks to the shift manager again. This is so great! He works a couple of hours each evening at the school cleaning, but this is flexible so he can still do both. This will help out our budget extremely!

I also had a Tupperware party and she did great! It looks like I’ll make around $125 when all is said and done. I also booked 5 parties, one of which is next Tuesday night. Woohoo! I also started something new. I’ve always packed the orders and then delivered them to the hostess to save money on buying the actual Tupperware bags, but I decided that the money on bags is well spent so I’m sending the whole order directly to the hostess and having her pack her own order. I don’t have the time, and most companies now do it this way. Looks like my summer is going to be busy with parties (that and cake orders)! LOL!

I must say that this is all good news for us. We don’t have any wiggle room in the budget. We have trouble staying current each month. With the added income, hopefully, we can get the debt snowball rolling before the end of the summer. I never did post any summer goals, but I think that if we can save the $1000 BEF and get the snowball going, I’ll be happy. We also have 2 furniture bills coming in June and July that I would really like to pay off since they are finance charge free until then, but it looks like we may just have to suck it up and add it to the snowball. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!