Catherine, I won’t join you in your fast

per se, but I will add my own little (not so little) personal challenge. Ever since we attended FPU, I’ve had the mini BEF set up – $500. But it has repeatedly been ransacked over the months, for various emergencies which upon later reflection simply constitute poor planning on my part. I’ve replenished it, then drawn it down again, then replenished, then drawn down again. Now that I have supposedly been “on the DR path” for over a year, it’s high time I refine my budgeting such that I don’t draw it down anymore except for true emergencies. And let’s face it, the better we plan, the less often those moments come along.

So, my participation in this challenge will be to get my BEF back up to the $500 I originally started with (and no, that’s not nearly big enough, realistically, but that amount has eluded me since I first drew it down, so that’s my first goal). Furthermore, I have been shopping for a non-convenient savings account to put it in, and I’ve decided to go with ING’s online accounts so that I can’t just get my mitts on it quite so easily in the future. I will reach my $500, AND get it moved to a new ING account, by March 1st. Or face the consternation of y’all. That’ll be my accepting and meeting that challenge with you. Deal?