I actually did pretty well!

I spent about $10 but paid an extra extra $500 (on top of my usual extra) on the car. Our GoodWIll stores have half-price sales on the last weekends of the month, and my goal was to not spend except then. I did spend some money on a quilt back. Believe me, I didn’t want […]

Thanks for that David

I really agonized over whether to use ING or not, given their recent acquisition by Capital One. But yea, I need to make that money harder to get to. It was just TOO easy to transfer “just a little” over from that account into checking. It was the same fundamental behavior as using the cc […]

Mary, With absolute conviction

I will tell you the most important part of our journey has been using ING and its subaccounts. We contribute weekly to 12 different subaccounts, and try to kick money into a number of others when we have a surplus of monies. Having the funds autodrafted out of our checking account a few days after […]

No laughing from me..

My spending of late has been over the top. I’m not happy to say that I’ve wasted money (nothing to show for it at the end of the day). The things I’ve purchased I’ve not regretted the experiences, but really looking back, I could have kept the money. I need to reign myself in so […]

Catherine, I won’t join you in your fast

per se, but I will add my own little (not so little) personal challenge. Ever since we attended FPU, I’ve had the mini BEF set up – $500. But it has repeatedly been ransacked over the months, for various emergencies which upon later reflection simply constitute poor planning on my part. I’ve replenished it, then […]

You’re hearing it here first, folks!

Ashley is fasting. A spending fast, that is (no food fasts.. I get too grumpy when I don’t eat). Will you join me? Starting today thru February, I will not spend one extra penny that does not go toward a “need”. No eating out, no extra spending on my hobbies, no clothes, etc. Just basic […]

Woo Hoo!!

Check the expiration date on your passport (don’t ask why I’m suggesting this. Believe me, it wasn’t a pleasant surprise to find out a child’s passport had expired the weekend before an international flight). I’ve been thinking about you all day, and I’m just so happy for you. Incidentally, one of my long time girlfriends […]

Actually, I already *have* a passport

Not that it has been used except to go to Canada.. I had gotten a voice mail from her, saying she wanted to talk to me. I’m thinking, “Uh oh…” But I just got off the phone with her. She wanted to make sure I knew that the position wouldn’t be at the location where […]

You got it, baby!

As long as you pass the background and physical, you have a job! Not only that, I remember you telling me that traveling to Europe is on your bucket list. What a way to go! Thank the good Lord! I know a lot of us have had you in our prayers, and this sounds WONDERFUL!!!! […]

Dust off the passport!

That doesn’t imply….. No sir… That says you will have an offer AND. They will wait for you until your contract is over! Wild snoopy dancing over here!!!! Surely your dancing with me! I will be dancing for the next 6 weeks.

Y’all ain’t gonna BELIEVE this…

Remember the company that asked me if I was still interested, and I told them yes but I had just started a contract? Here’s the response from the HR lady: “Alvin, Thanks for the response. You will be contacted by our Director of HR very soon with an offer. I spoke to the hiring team […]

There was a story on Google about

how new cars were becoming harder to afford for many Americans. The gist of the story was that the payments were so high now that people couldn’t fit it in their budgets. So I had to post a comment: “What’s wrong with saving up and paying cash? You’ll spend MUCH less that way than if […]

It must be spring

because both here in my own home and as a topic of discussion on all the lists many of us are cleaning out and organizing our pantries—dh is currently building me can rotators for my upstairs pantry and I am THRILLED to say the least. I’ve emptied the pantry and am anxiously waiting for the […]

A lot has happened this week

1) I received my tax refund and knocked out one credit card balance on my debt snowball. My tax return was larger than I anticipated because I was able to claim my son this year. His father and I usually alternate years in who gets to claim him, but since he’s $11,000 behind in child […]

We live in the Austin area

We’re from western ny where we were 5 minutes from a beautiful waterfall, 10 minutes from skiing in winter, 10 minutes from one lake, 15 from another, the creek running through our back yard, apple picking, pumpkin picking ($1 each), fall leaves, winter snow, etc. Here’s it’s pretty much the same year round. It’s just […]

I have a friend selling a nice century old home in Terrell

The link for it is: http://www.realtor.com/news/trends/heres-do-it-yourself-on-steroids/?iid=rdc_news_hp_carousel_theLatest I don’t know what you’re looking for cost wise, but….It has a small front yard and a HUGE back yard. The flyer she has out front has MANY more pictures so there might be a link somewhere with more pics, I don’t know. There are more popular areas of […]


But, one of the beautiful things about the move is that I won’t be doing any packing. YAY! The company movers will come in and pack everything up for me – they supply boxes, paper, tape, etc. Then, the moving guys come take it all and put it in their truck. They drive it to […]

I have good news to share! :0)

Hubby has accepted a job offer and we’re moving. Yes, that’s a good thing. We’re currently in a suburb of Seattle, Washington while all of our friends and family are in West Texas/Eastern New Mexico. Hubby’s new job is with Southwest Airlines in Dallas! YAY!!! We’re going home!!! They’ve offered a very attractive package to […]

I’m with you on little faith

It’s tough for me to find hope right now. I want to be out of debt, like someone said, YESTERDAY. But we can’t even get current or get our budget out of the red at this point. I’ll be starting my home party business in June and am hoping to at least be able to […]

Yes, it will!

I received more good news today. We have 2 furniture bills coming up in June and July and I really wanted to pay those off as they are finance free. Well, I will be receiving a big check for tutoring at our school and will only need about $240 more to pay the first one. […]

What wonderful news you shared

I was in direct sales for about 1 ½ years and had a lot of fun, but it sure can be a lot of work too getting ready for all the parties and then the thought of having to unpack the entire order and get it ready to be delivered-YUCK! I always tried to treat […]

Good news!

Dh got a job at Tractor Supply today. He did his drug test and she’ll call him in a day or two to get him on the schedule. He is going to work part-time, but we’re not sure of hours or pay yet until he talks to the shift manager again. This is so great! […]