A lot has happened this week

1) I received my tax refund and knocked out one credit card balance on my debt snowball. My tax return was larger than I anticipated because I was able to claim my son this year. His father and I usually alternate years in who gets to claim him, but since he’s $11,000 behind in child support my attorney told me to claim him.

2)I took my son to a pediatric spinal specialist yesterday and he doesn’t need surgery or another back brace (expensive), just a few physical therapy visits and a follow up appointment in 6 months. That means I can keep him on a less expensive medical plan and save $200 per month in premiums. Not to mention not having the medical bills that would have racked up if he had to have surgery.

3) The courts started garnishing my son’s father for child support, so after a year of not receiving anything after he lost his job I might get some support. I’m not putting that into the working budget but anything that comes my way will go straight to whichever Baby Step I’m working through at the time.

I’ve been waiting for a long time on all of these things to wrap up and it’s not been easy to be patient. So glad that things are turning around for the positive. Happy to have this month put behind me and start moving forward!